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Decoding Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Life 

Hosted by Centre for Responsible Business in collaboration with Youth for Sustainability India Alliance and Prem Jain Memorial Trust (PJMT). LinkedIn Live is a part of the 5th ‘Harit Prem Bharat Mahotsav’ 2023, on the theme ‘Holistic Green Living’.


Building a Green Economy – Career & Resume Building

This video clip is a part of the ‘What are Green Jobs? A 4-Saturday Series’ for youth and teachers organised by UNICEF, UN Environment Programme, UN Development Programme, and Purpose in India. In this video, Wioleta Burdzy Seth, Founder of Youth For Sustainability and life coach, shares critical tips on career building and resume building – with a focus on sustainability professions. #DoWhatYouLove

Building a Green Economy – Interview Tips for your Dream Job 

This video clip is a part of the ‘What are Green Jobs? A 4-Saturday Series’ for youth and teachers organised by UNICEF, UN Environment Programme, UN Development Programme, and Purpose in India. In this video, Wioleta Burdzy Seth, Founder of Youth For Sustainability and life coach, gives insight into key skills to ace your interviews and land your dream job #DoWhatYouLove


IEEE Quarter Tech Talk Table 5.0

After successful completion of 1st Year of IEEE QT3 Series, A group of IEEE Young Professionals and lmpact Creators was excited to present next 1st edition of 2022 as Panel Discussion in a “Women’s Special Edition Quarter Tech Talk Table 5.0” with the theme “Role of Technology in Climate & Sustainability”.

Mentoring at ‘The Climate Reality Leadership Corps’ training

Amazing 10 days with these wonderful people! 11000 participants, 500 Mentors from across the world. For Wioleta Burdzy Seth it was very special experience because despite the majority of her work that has been in India, she had a chance to mentor and hold the space for a group that currently live, work or study in the country of her origin – Poland.


Sustainable Living Session during Green Marathon by Econaur 2021

Most people perceive sustainable products as very costly and that’s the number one reason for many to not even start. Are there other ways to start the journey?
How can living in a sustainable way enhance our general well-being?
In this session find out the first basic steps we could do that are easy to implement, and don’t need to be expensive or need huge resources, big investments, and PhD to find new solutions or technology. #DoWhatYouLove #SustainableLiving

SDG 12 in a Capsule with Sustainable Advancements

Sustainable Advancements delves into a discussion on SDG 12, which focuses on responsible consumption and production, with Wioleta Burdzy Seth.

Podcast with Armaan Khendry on “Visualizing Your Ideal Life”

“Instead of setting goals, set what you want your everyday life to look and feel like. Then work backwards”⁣ In this episode, I was lucky enough to chat with Wioleta Burdzy Seth, whos a ‘Do What You Love Coach’⁣ You can think of our conversation as a mini masterclass to exactly how one should set, track and execute on their goals.  #DoWhatYouLove

Sustainable Living Webinar

Earlier this year Wioleta Burdzy Seth did a webinar on #SustainableLiving hosted by Bring Back Green and Fridays For Future Cochin. If you missed it but still would like to get a sneak peak into her home and see what kind of sustainable practices she has implemented by that time, here is your chance.

Nano Degree in Climate Action

The pioneer Nano Degree in Climate Action was organized by Blueyard and Youth For Sustainability India. First session on #SustainableLiving was conducted by Wioleta Burdzy Seth.

Instagram Live Session

International Youth Day session with Wioleta Burdzy Seth.
Joined by the Co-founder of Human Circle, talking about sustainable living and actions that can be taken as an individual.

Masterclass for Youth for Sustainability

This Earth Day, 22nd April, join us for free virtual master-classes to tackle two complex challenges of our times: Sustainable Living and Sustainable Shopping. #YouthforSustainability #DoWhatYouLove #SustainableLiving

TEDx ICT Mumbai – Video

In this talk, Life Coach Wioleta Burdzy Seth talks about how important it is to be aware of global issues and how it could be tackled by connecting our passion to it.

Article in MyCityLinks

Good to see the regional media based in Odisha sharing stories from the 11th YIC. Media has a big role to play to create awareness for taking actions for climate change. Thank you MyCityLinks for being present at the event in Bhubaneswar and the follow up coverage. #YouthforSustainability #DoWhatYouLove #SustainableLiving

Newspaper article by Post-News Network in Odisha

Newspaper article by Post-News Network in Odisha for the 11th YIC!

Newspaper article by the local media in Odisha

Newspaper article by the local media in Odisha for the 11th YIC!

Think Woman is Power 2019

Torn between guilt and glory – the eternal dilemma of work life balance – girls and women are forever adjusting and expanding. From home to school with back breaking bags and social pressure of learning to sing/dance/paint…Later these change to taking care of the home, family, job, deadlines…and they miraculously manage to do it! A no-holds-barred discussion with the ladies who have successfully overcome these challenges.

KalaManthan Literature Festival 2019

Ready to join the panel discussion on #Sustainability during the KalaManthan Literature Festival.

Young India Challenge 2019 IIT Delhi

In order to do the great work of making this world a better place, we must learn to keep ourselves happy and ‘hack our brains’ to stay in a positive state of mind to tackle the biggest challenges of our times like the climate crisis and depression. We must grab all opportunities to increase our self awareness and practical skills to add more and more value in the work we do.” – WBS

Moderating discussion during India Sustainability Standards  2019

Moderating the discussion of how the Youth (I am including myself as Youth too can Advocate for Sustainability during the #C4RBISS2019
#DoWhatYouLove #YouthForSustainability #SustainableLiving

Newspaper Interview with Kamal Seth

Our Co-creator, Kamal Seth, shared the story of his roots in Gaya, Bihar and how Young India Challenge has connected millions of young people in India, through #DoWhatYouLove and #YouthforSustainability.

“Green Himalayas” Panel Discussion

Kamal Seth was invited by ‘Green Himalayas’ to moderate a multi-stakeholder dialogue to manage climate change in the Himalayan region. The Ladakh MP Shri Namgyal, Several Buddhist Spiritual Leaders from Ladakh and Senior representatives from Hindustan Unilever, Hitachi, National Dairy Development Board and other stakeholders discussed ways to ensure sustainable development in the Ladakh region and beyond, which created jobs for the youth and improves livelihood for the local community in a sustainable manner.

‘Super Women’ speaker series by 91springboard

Wioleta Burdzy Seth was invited to share her journey as a life coach and social entrepreneur at a ‘Super Women’ speaker series by 91springboard. It is an initiative designed to build a supportive community for women entrepreneurs to shine and create a big impact with their startups.

Workshop at New York University: “Hack Your Brain to Follow Your Passion”

Human Circle had the opportunity to address ‘Integrated Digital Media’ grad students of NYU about ‘Hack Your Brain to Follow Your Passion’. It was also the first time we were conducting such a session inside a University outside India, sharing the story of growing the #DoWhatYouLove movement, Human Circle and Sustainable Development Goals. We couldn’t have asked for a better first! Thanks to the efforts of Dhruv Avdhesh to make it happen as he continues to be as crazy as when we had first met him in 2014 at the first Young India Challenge at IIT Delhi.

TEDx ICT Mumbai

“It was one of these strong signals in my life for a mission I need to accomplish, whether I like it or not. To speak my truth about connecting passion with impact and wisdom. Can’t tell you with words how grateful I am for this opportunity.” Recently Wioleta was invited to speak at TEDx ICT Mumbai to share her journey of becoming a life coach and a social entrepreneur.

“Think, Women is Power” – Panel Discussion organized by Tefla

“Within us we have both, the feminine and the masculine energy. Being aware about this is the first step towards being truly authentic and acknowledging our power as a human being, both as a man and a woman.” Wioleta Burdzy Seth (Life Coach and Cofounder, Human Circle) was speaking during a panel discussion at “Think, Women is Power” organized by Think Foundation Tefla’s

Talerang – “Future CEO’s program”

“Even though my family was not initially supportive about my decision to study psychology, I was not working on my fear related to my future career. Instead I decided to work on my conviction to do what I really wanted to do.” Wioleta Burdzy Seth (Cofounder, Human Circle) mentored a group of students and recent graduates who were a part of Talerang‘s work-readiness initiative called ‘Future CEOs’ program.

“Mediocrity to Mastery” – TRB Talks 1.0 organized by The Rising Bharat

“The event was organized to celebrate the success stories of people around us and to inspire many more to rise above their comfort zone and reach a level of mastery.

The first speaker at our event was someone who forms the major backbone in the formation of The Rising Bharat. Change is the only constant. From apes to sapiens, the core base of evolution is ‘learning through experiences’.”

Stuck In A Job You Hate? This ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ Has A Solution For You

“After graduation, many people do a job or an MBA to get a good salary and not because they would truly enjoy what they would do.”

#DoWhatYouLove Could be Your New Career Mantra

“Welcome to the world of millennials who have it all what it takes, but still end up losing focus and interest in life and their work. Do you think all this sweating out for your high-paying job is fancy but, not fulfilling?”

Want to be a Social Entrepreneur?

“There’s no failure, only learning. There’s no problem, only challenges to overcome.” – Kamal Seth​, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Human Circle. In this video, Kamal shares his journey of breaking the mindset in the society about who are the ‘Top 1%’ people and why is it important to connect your passion with a social impact.

Tweet Chat for Population Management

Can 1.3 billion people in India be considered as a demographic dividend or it’s a challenge for our limited resources? Janhit Jagran, an initiative of India’s largest Hindi newspaper – Dainik Jagran, invited two social entrepreneurs; Kamal Seth (Founder, Human Circle) and Mahesh Ranade (CEO, Yuva Parivartan) to share their perspective on a twitter chat. Better quality of education and skill development turned out to be some of the most important ingredients for an effective population management.

Social Business Workshop

What is the difference between a NGO, a charity and a social business? Janhit Jagran, an initiative of India’s largest Hindi newspaper – Dainik Jagran, invited Kamal Seth (Founder, Human Circle) to conduct a workshop for aspiring social entrepreneurs at 91Springboard. The participants did a case-study challenge to understand what takes to build a social business enterprise to solve a complex social problem.

Master-class – Youth for Nation Building

Every third person in an Indian city today is a youth. By 2020, the median individual in India will be 29 years, very likely a city-dweller, making it the youngest country in the world. India is set to experience a dynamic transformation as the population burden of the past turns into a demographic dividend, but the benefits will be tempered with social and spatial inequalities. Janhit Jagran, an initiative of India’s largest Hindi newspaper – Dainik Jagran, invited Kamal Seth (Founder, Human Circle) to deliver a master-class at Jamia Milia Islamia University for the youth to help them build their career with a mission of nation building.

Newspaper Interview with Kamal Seth  and Wioleta Burdzy Seth (Founders of Human Circle) 

Our movement of #DoWhatYouLove is spreading by leaps and bounds, and even the mainstream media is acknowledging it. In this interview in Lucknow, our founders shared their views about the impact that entrepreneurship can create especially in non-metro cities in India and how the youth can become job creators instead of job seekers. In Feb 2017. Human Circle conducted skill development master-classes in several educational hubs like Lucknow University, Amity University and many others. #HindustanTimes

#DoWhatYouLove: In Conversation with Kamal Seth, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Human Circle

These days we see a lot of people studying subjects or pursuing courses for the sake of getting a good job with a good salary and not because they are truly interested in it. In this situation, Human Circle, a community of people driving the ‘Do What You Love Movement’ through their Young India Challenge believes that the only way to be successful, rich and happy in life is by doing what you love. In September this year I got the opportunity to attend the Young India Challenge at Shri Ram College of Commerce, and it was a life changing experience.

Radio Interview with Kamal Seth (Founder, Human Circle) #DoWhatYouLove

All India Radio FM Rainbow 102.6 interviewed Kamal Seth (Founder, Human Circle) to understand the #DoWhatYouLove movement and his journey so far with Young India Challenge and other initiatives for the youth of India.


Kamal Seth (Founder, Human Circle) was a speaker at TEDxGTBIT on 19th March 2016. The focus of this talk was ‘ Making the 21st century, a century of wisdom’. The goal of the event was about putting ideas into action to improve our community. Created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “Ideas worth spreading,” the event was designed to give Delhi’s communities, organisations, and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through locally organised TED-like experience.

Microsoft Sales Meet

Kamal was invited by Microsoft’s India office to conduct team building games and activities with their sales employees. Multi National Corporations like Microsoft, often organize such meet-ups to train and reward their team members. During the session, Kamal’s speech and activities were focused on building a strong team culture and effective communication.

#DoWhatYouLove Hangouts

Kamal often speaks at colleges across the country about students must identity their area of passion and become really good in it. This will empower them to make a difference and get their voice heard. More importantly, following one’s passion leads to more happiness and in turn makes a big impact. In the last couple of years, Kamal has spoken at more than 100 colleges and institutions.

International Youth Day Celebration – MASH Mixer

Kamal shares an idea that could create a generation of achievers. Why India does not do well in Olympics? The answer is simple but no one is talking about it! The event was about connecting with some amazing like-minded organisations, which are taking big actions to empower the youth of India. Human Circle believes that together we can exponentially grow our impact and create a better world full of opportunities for young people. See More…

YouthSpeak Forum by AIESEC

In this video, Kamal is speaking at the Delhi Youth Speak Forum about how the youth can make a difference and create a better world by following their passion. AIESEC’s Delhi YouthSpeak Forum was organized at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. Theme: How do we create a Millennial Workforce that is Educated, Entrepreneurial and Socially Responsible? The YouthSpeak forum enables young people to voice their opinions and take action.

AIESEC Alumni International Meeting

During the event, Kamal shared the idea of how the idea of ‘#DoWhatYouLove will Change the World’. It was done in a PechaKucha format, which permits the speakers to share a story through 20 pictures in 20×20 seconds. Kamal is an alumnus of AIESEC India. He led the organization in various positions from 2005-2010. See More…

All India Radio – Interview

Wioleta Burdzy Seth (Co-founder, Human Circle) was recently interviewed by All India Radio (General Overseas Service), which is one of the largest radio networks in the world (100+ countries). The interview was a part of the ‘Young India’ Program, which shares stories of people making a difference.

All India Radio – Interview

Kamal was recently interviewed by All India Radio (General Overseas Service), where he spoke about how young people can choose to #BeTheChange and create a better world by following their passion no matter what.

Global Youth Leaders Summit 2016

Indian International Society for Youth invited Kamal to speak at Global Youth Leaders Summit. This focus of his talk was ‘Hacking Your Brain for Social Change’. Some of the other speakers/mentors were Ram Jethmalani (Prominent Lawyer and Rajya Sabha member), Melba Pria (Ambassador of Mexico to India), Rajpal Singh (Director, FICCI), Edgar Núñez (GE, Mexico and Entrepreneur).


Kamal interacted with a selective group of students for the ‘Talerang Immersion Program’. He shared the importance of having a ‘life vision’ and how it can be transformed into real life actions. The aim of this program is to make students in India more employable and work-ready.

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